www.mat-cooper.com respects the privacy of visitors and ensures that your personal information is treated confidentially.
The personal data are processed in a manner that is in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Data processing

This policy applies to the processing of data obtained from the visit and the use of www.mat-cooper.com.

If you fill in the contact form, send us an e-mail, or place an order via online ordering, we store the data as long as the nature of the data is necessary for proper processing.
You must indicate that you agree with the relevant form or online order. You can also read the conditions for this.
Your data is protected by an SSL connection; this means that the traffic between you and the server of the website is encrypted.
www.mat-cooper.com secures the data according to the current techniques, and maintains its website with the necessary updates.

Visit data

General visitor data is kept on www.mat-cooper.com.
This is usually the IP address, which browser you use and how long you visit a page.
This data is used for statistical analyzes to gain insight into the use of the websites. It is also used to improve www.mat-cooper.com.

These data are anonymised as much as possible, and certainly not provided to third parties.


A cookie is a small file which www.mat-cooper.com can place on your hard drive.

Cookies are available in two types of functional and analytical.
Functional cookies are used to remember your preferences, for example, or to read your browser settings. It can also remember your own entered information, or to log in.
They are used to make the site more user-friendly.
These cookies do not require permission, and they can not be disabled.

Analytical cookies are cookies with which your surfing behavior can be recorded.
www.mat-cooper.com uses the AddThis service, see later in this policy.

For cookies placed via Social media, www.mat-cooper.com does not accept any responsibility. This also applies to the way in which the relevant social media deals with collected data.

You can refuse cookies via your browser; Look for this in the help function of your browser, you can also look on the site of the Consumers Association for an explanation.


At www.mat-cooper.com we use the AddThis service.
Allows you to share pages on Social Media such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
Via this service www.mat-cooper.com can also see how often a page has been visited, or shared.
AddThis uses cookies for this, see cookies.

You can read the privacy statement of AddThis here; this can change. Here you can read how AddThis handles your data.
You can also indicate at AddThis that they are not allowed to collect your data, this can be done through this link http://www.addthis.com/privacy/opt-out


www.mat-cooper.com has links to other websites.
How these websites deal with your privacy, www.mat-cooper.com is not responsible for this.
You must read on the relevant site how it handles your privacy

View, adjust and the right of resistance.

You have the right to view your data that www.mat-cooper.com has received from you, or to modify it or delete it.
You can send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Change of privacy & cookie statement

www.mat-cooper.com reserves the right to change this Privacy & Cookie Policy.
When this is changed, this will be mentioned on the website, with a link to the adjustment.

October 19, 2018